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I was referred to Dr. Ning Fu to have acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine treatments for fertility late in 1996. Before that, I had been trying to have babies for about 7 years but all failed. I was pregnant twice in this period but both were miscarried. My OB Doctor told me that he could not do anything.

After Dr. Fu's treatments, I successfully got pregnant naturally in 1997. At the early pregnancy, I got excessive bleeding twice that were signs of possible miscarriage. Fortunately, Dr Fu's treatments quickly stopped the bleeding and my baby was saved. Finally, I successfully delivered a very healthy baby at the age of 34 in 1998. Then, I got pregnant naturally, again, and delivered my second baby in 2000.

I also referred few persons who had infertility problems to Dr. Fu directly and indirectly. They all got natural pregnancy and successfully delivered babies.

My sister lived in Texas and had fibroid with excessive bleeding. She tried many years to have a baby but failed with two miscarriages. Her OB Doctor even suggested her to have hysterectomy (removing her uterus) to prevent excessive bleeding. So I referred her to Dr Fu. After flying from Texas to San Jose, California and having Dr. Fu's treatments, my sister got pregnant naturally and delivered a healthy baby girl successfully.

My sister-in-law also lived in Texas and had miscarriage. So I referred her to Dr. Fu, too. After she flied to San Jose and received Dr. Fu's treatments, she got pregnant naturally and successfully delivered a healthy baby boy.

One of my colleagues also had problem of miscarriage. I referred her to Dr. Fu. Then, she got natural pregnancy and delivered a healthy successfully, too.

Knowing my case, my cousin referred two of her friends to Dr. Fu because of infertility problems While one of them was 39-year old. After Dr. Fu's treatments, both of them got pregnant naturally and delivered healthy babies successfully.

My whole family respect and appreciate Dr. Fu so much, With her excellent techniques, she helps us get wonderful babies that bring us endless joy. From the bottom of my heart, I hope that more families like us can be as lucky as we are to get Dr. Fu's treatments and become happy parents.

Ying Wang