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I had IUI every month continuously for 6 years, but, all failed I also had IVF twice. The first IVF procedure, there were four fertilized eggs and my Doctor put in all of them but came out with negative result. The second IVF procedure, there were two fertilized eggs but not developed well. My Doctor decided not to put in.

When I wanted to try the third IVF, my Doctor suggested me to try acupuncture treatments and referred me to Dr. Ning Fu.

Abe: Dr. Fu's acupuncture treatments, I successfillly produced 18 eggs and 10 were fertilized. 8 of the 10 developed to be very good fetuses. My Doctor put in 2 fetuses. Thank God, I finally delivered a healthy and beautiful baby girl with 7.5 lb and 18 inches in 2009 while I was 44 year old.

My baby is so healthy, smart and sweet I'm so happy. So, I want to have another baby since I still have 6 very good fetuses. I went to my IVF Doctor to request her to h

elp me pregnant again. My Doctor told me to go back to Dr. Fu to have acupuncture treatments before transferring the fetuses. Currently, I'm having acupuncture txeatments with Dr. Fu.

Thank you very much to Dr. Fu. I won't be able to achieve what I have now - a wonderful baby. My family had a best Christmas last year.

Van Duong