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My husband and I had been trying for our second child for 2 1/2 years when we underwent IVF in May of 2006. Everything went as well as could be expected, but despite transferring two healthy embryos into my uterus, it ended in a chemical pregnancy. We were disappointed, but we had additional embryos from the same IVF procedure that were frozen. We decided to try again with the frozen embryos.

During the consult appointment to start our next attempt, our IVF doctor suggested that I try acupuncture and said that studies had shown that acupuncture helped increase success rates for IVF patients. I had only a month before the frozen embryos were scheduled to be transferred, so I immediately began acupuncture treatment at the Five Branches Clinic. I saw Dr. Fu there, who was knowledgeable about fertility issues and acupuncture.

During this time I had appointments with my IVF doctor who monitored the thickness of my uterine lining. The uterine lining is very important for embryo transfers because the embryos need a nice thick lining in which to implant. Doctors like to see a thickness of at least 9 mm. As the time of embryo transfer approached, my uterine lining was 12 mm, and my IVF doctor was very happy. I am sure that the acupuncture sessions I was receiving helped increase the blood flow to the uterus, thus increasing the thickness of the lining.

Unfortunately for me, the end of a semester was approaching at the Five Branches clinic, and the clinic would be closed during the critical time of my embryo transfer. Dr. Fu kindly offered to let me follow her to her private practice, and she continued to treat me up to the transfer day. On the day of transfer, she opened her clinic early so that I could have an acupuncture session right before transfer. I was so pleased that she offered to do this since studies have shown that having acupuncture immediately before embryo transfer is the most important acupuncture session in the whole process.

I had two embryos transferred and the transfer went well. I continued to see Dr. Fu on a weekly basis while I waited for the results. The acupuncture sessions really helped me to relax during this anxious time.

After a two-week wait, we got the results of our blood pregnancy test. We were pregnant! I waited two more weeks, and then had an ultrasound appointment where we saw one baby and even saw the heartbeat. My IVF doctor suggested that I continue acupuncture treatments through 12 weeks of pregnancy. I have continued to see Dr. Fu on a weekly basis, and my baby has consistently been growing ahead of its gestational age.

When I was about 7 weeks pregnant, I caught a cold and didn't want to take any medicine for fear that it would harm the developing fetus. Dr. Fu performed some extra procedures for me to alleviate the congestion and to help with the coughing and congestion in my lungs. It was a relief to get safe treatment that I knew couldn't harm my baby. I felt better within a couple of days.

Dr. Fu is both professional and compassionate. We are so grateful to Dr. Fu for the help she has given us in achieving a pregnancy that means so much to our family.

Melinda Krantz