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Dear Dr. Fu:
Successful Acupuncture Treatments:

My first experience with acupuncture was about five years ago when I went to see Dr. Fu about neck and shoulder pain I was having. That was cleared up in about three weeks. When asked if there were any other painful areas in my body, I told her about my knees that have bothered me since childhood.

At ten years old, I was diagnosed with Osgood Shiatters Disease, which occurs in young people during growth spurts. The knee bone protrudes and is very painful if touched or bumped. The doctors told me that there was no treatment for it, and that I would outgrow it.

As an adult, the pain diminished, but not completely. If I bumped a knee, there would be great pain. Although I did not believe acupuncture would help, I trusted Dr. Fu's belief that the condition could be improved. Dr. Fu treated my knees over about a six month period. All pain has been gone, and my knees have not been overly sensitive to being bumped since these treatments five years ago.

I am still amazed that acupuncture could help a condition like I had in my knees. I still visit Dr. Fu regularly for general health improvement and maintenance, however, my knees have never required additional treatment. I firmly believe that acupuncture is highly affective for many ailments.

Jim Wegener