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I am so happy that I just delivered my nine pound baby boy, my first child, at the age of over 38 years old. Thanks to Dr. Ning Fu's and Dr. Puying Fu's acupuncture and Chinese medicine treatments.

I have tried both western medicine and Chinese herbs for the infertility problem since I'm married. However, I was disappointed again and again.

One day, one of my college schoolmates, a thirty-nine-year-old woman, told me that she started to be treated by Dr. Fu in November, 2004, and was pregnant in January, 2005. My husband and I went to see Dr. Fu in February, 2005. I got pregnant in April, 2005 and delivered a healthy baby in January, 2006. The lady who referred me to Dr. Fu also delivered a healthy baby in September, 2005. Also, my husband referred a couple who had been suffering from infertility for a long time to Dr, Fu after I got pregnant. The 35- year-old woman also tested positive for pregnancy after three months of treatment. She is expected to deliver the baby in three months.

Filled with joy, my husband and I would like to share our pleasure with other people.

Jenny Jiang
A happy new mother