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I have known Dr. Fu for approximately 10 years. I consider Dr. Fu an outstanding practitioner of traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture. Dr. Fu has personally treated me for several conditions of inflammation. She has treated me for inflammation in my right shoulder. She is currently treating me for a sever case of carpal tunnel syndrome in both hands. She is also currently treating me for ulnar nerve inflammation in both elbows. Prior to the acupuncture treatment from Dr. Fu, I was afraid that I would need surgery to help improve my condition. My severe carpal tunnel syndrome problem has affected my ability to comfortable practice my specialty of ophthalmology and also am able to perform eye surgery because of Dr. Fu's treatment. I am slowly regaining the strength in my hands and have also been free of sever pain since I began my treatments with Dr. Fu. I have great faith in Dr. Fu's abilities as a traditional Chinese medicine doctor. She has had great training and has had over 30 years of experience in this field. I will continue to go to Dr. Fu for acupuncture treatment for my various inflammatory conditions. I have also referred my patients to Dr. Fu who I feel could benefit from acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine treatment. I will continue to have great faith in Dr. Fu and will continue to refer my patients to her for treatment when I think the medical condition requires it. I will gladly refer and patient or member of my family to Dr. Fu for treatment if I feel that this treatment is indicated.

Sincerely yours,
Gerald E. Hughes, Jr., M.D.