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Dear Dr. Fu:

This letter is to report my recovery under Dr. Xinguo Fu and Dr. Ning X. Fu's treatment and hope that other people can benefit from the acupuncture and Chinese medicine treatment. In my opinion, the treatment under both Dr. Fu contributes a lot to my recovery.

I broke my next (C6) and injured the spinal cord in a car accident. It is Sep 2nd of 1995. The sensibility and movement of my body are partially lost due to the spinal cord injury. Only my arms still have some movement, the other part of body below neck could not be controlled. The doctor also tested the skin's sensibility with a pin. It showed that I did not know anything when the doctor pined me at some part of body.

The doctors in Enloe Hospital and Santa Clara Valley Medical Center said that I did not have a good chance to get back my leg function. The worst thing is that there is no treatment for the spinal cord injury except the steronin shot on the day that I injured. I have to depend on the nature of healing my body and physical therapy which help me practice moving the muscle I can move but not the muscle that I cannot move. So my family decided to seek the treatment of acupuncture and Chinese medicine besides physical therapy.

Now, my recovery is much beyond the doctor's expectation. I get back the sensibility of my body, the chest muscle movement for my breathing, the urinating and bowel control, the movement of my both hands, other muscles below my neck and walking with a walker. Though I still not like I was before the injury, but I am still in progress and expect a full recovery. My family and I are glad that we made the right decision and found Dr. Xinguo Fu and Dr. Ning X. Fu.

Sincerely yours,

Jennifer Cheng