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Dear Dr. Fu:
I am very grateful to you for the help that you have given me concerning my back problems. As you know, I came to you last year with two ruptured disks and I was ready to have surgery to relieve the pain. My wife and I were not very fond of me having back surgery. This is why we came to your office.

I did not know what to expect when I came to you because I had been suffering for a couple of years, and the pain had gotten unbearable. I am very happy to say that have several treatments by you that I do not have any pain, and do not have to have any surgery. I am very grateful to you and the Acupuncture treatments, and I recommend more people use your services before they go to Americanized medicine or have back surgery.

I am very glad that you are in our community, and my wife and have recommended you to several friends. Thanks again for your help.

Robert Sparkman